The Mextures Premium Emulsion Pack are weathered textures that simulate wet plate/emulsion photography techniques from years past.  These beautiful worn textures each have a strong grunge element such as subtle hazing, fading, scratches and chemical distortion.  Use them to generate a nice worn look around the edges of your photos, to age them, or even to enhance cloud or fog cover. Includes 12 high resolution – 4000×4000 pixel textures with an *unlimited commercial license.

 Use:  This pack is best used with “Screen” blending mode in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or any other application that allows layering images with blending modes.  Be sure to experiment with different blend modes.  The pack includes a custom action that will resize all the textures in this pack to your image ratio and apply the best blending mode  to the texture layers.

*This Premium Mextures Pack comes with an unlimited commercial license. You can use these Textures with any personal and hired/commercial work.  You do not have permission to sell these textures, and/or include them as textures in any mobile or desktop software, plug-ins, or applications (free or paid). Do not distribute Mextures as your own.  You cannot under any circumstances modify Mextures and redistribute these textures as your own in any way, shape, medium, or form.

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