Mextures is a small group of creatives based in the United States with our focus being to empower other creatives and cultivate supportive communities.  We are a unique team excited to solve unique problems and create unique tools.

Mextures Core Values


  • We can adapt and change our course without disruption when needed
  • We are current and aware of industry and design changes
  • We are aware of our ever changing users wants/needs
  • We listen to our users and implement the feedback we recieve


  • We understand the needs and concerns of our users and are excited to solve their issues
  • We are our users biggest fans
  • The products and services we build help create and uplift
  • We treat each user as an individual and a peer
  • We treat critics with understanding and with positivity

Creative Problem Solving

  • We think outside the box and value each others opinions and solutions in solving issues
  • We are not afraid to try new things that are unconventional by current trends and standards
  • We uphold and evolve a strong design language that allows us to find solutions quickly
  • We listen with humility

Focused Work Ethic

  • As a remote company, we focus on the task at hand
  • We value each others time and energy
  • We value family and personal time and believe a healthy balance is necessary
  • "Measure Twice, Cut Once."


  • We know that the tools we build and the communities we create bring fulfillment
  • We know that what we are building will help those who are looking
  • We focus on our long term goals when making short term decisions
  • We want to empower and educate